Hornets at Home

The Hornets at Home Group was created to promote students’ well-being at school and at home.  We often hear that the key to a successful education is to have transparent communication with parents.  We also often hear that it takes a village to raise a well-adjusted child.  These two things are integral in today’s world.  Anxiety in children is on the rise and stems from things like technology, bullying, safety, and mixed messages.  Parents today, myself included, often speak up as a reaction to something that has occured with their specific child.  The focus of Hornets at Home is to provide a proactive forum for these types of discussions.

Hornets at Home is  run by Mrs. J. Castaldo, Principal and Ms. Kelly A. Davis, School Counselor.  One of our main goals is to help students build resilience through play and social interaction.  The “Let Grow Project” has been an integral initiative in supporting this goal.  Their link is posted below and it provides amazing resources on ways to get students to independently connect and build resilience. 

We encourage all families to join the Hornets at Home group.  We vary times of meetings, some being directly after school while other times we meet in the evenings.  Our group hosts two different types of focus cohorts, child and parent.  The child cohort focuses on play as described above.  The parent cohort topics range from technology use, social connection, current affairs, and resiliency.  Each cohort meets between 3 and 5 times a school year.  Since Hornets at Home was born in true collaboration, we pride ourselves in creating forums that are built from parent feedback. 

As members of the School 2 Community we hope to see you at our next Hornets at Home event.  Please check your emails for future dates and details.


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